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Someone is looking afer us... por WELLINGTON

Lectores ¿Como estan? ¿Han leido los demas relatos de "Dejando escapar una luciernaga de fuego? ¿Ya opinaron? ¿Ya criticaron? Puedes encontrar todos los relatos con la etiqueta Luciernaga
Bueno pues hoy despues de un buen rato les traigo un nuevo relato que es diferente a los otros, por que esta en ingles :D bueno esperamos sus comentarios, yo y la escritora :) MUCHA SUERTE!!

Describing a personal experience
Every summer my mother takes us to my grandfather’s farm, which is in the state of Puebla in the centre of Mexico. That’s the place where my mother used to pass her holydays when she was a child, and it is also the place where my grandparents met and married. In that year we arrived to the farm so late and we found it utterly empty. Our family expected us to arrive at 5 o’clock in the afternoon, but we had some troubles with our car (indeed my father had to go back to the D.F. because the car was absolutely dead and my father refused to leave it to the mechanic’s hands) my mother, my brother and I had to take a bus and we arrived at 10 pm.
 After hours of waiting for us, my family though we were not coming and decided to go to the nearest town’s religious celebrations.  When we got home we heard frightful barks coming from an old enormous black and white dog next to the door and the only thing we were able to do was screaming aloud and running away. We ran and ran because our plan was getting to the next town and look for my mother’s aunt, but soon we got tired and, obviously, lost...lost in the middle of the dark night. There were only trees and the empty high way around us. My mother got totally desperate and began to scream next to the high way, but in that moment there were no cars, no people...we were alone and no one could help us. My brother and I hugged tightly to my mother and unexpectedly began to cry, she tried to calm us down but it did not really work, instead of it she desperately and painfully cried with us. And that was the scene, a woman with her two children crying next to the desert high way in the night meanwhile everyone was having fun in the town.
I am not sure about how long we spent in that awful situation, but I can perfectly remember the overflowing happiness we felt when we saw my grandfather’s truck getting close to us. My grandpa looked at us deeply worried. My mother tried to speak but her crying was stronger and she could not say a single word. My brother asked to my aunt Eva (who came with my grandpa in the old truck) how they managed to find us, how they knew we were lost, and my aunt answered “Oh, my dear boy...we had not notice that you had arrived, we sincerely thought you were not coming and we went to the town, but meanwhile we were having dinner in aunt Mary’s house a stranger came into the house greeting everyone around, then he went to my father’s place and began to talk to him. I was next to him so I could hear what they said. The unknown man said that he was walking over our house when he saw you knocking on the door and then running away from a dog which wanted to attack you. Your grandfather got pale and jumped into the truck, I went behind him. During the way I asked him for the name of that benevolent person who told us about you, and how he knew we were waiting for you. I thought he was going to tell me that he was a person of the town, instead of it he told me that he did not know anything about that man, in fact, anyone knew that man and it is a complete mystery how he knew who we were and how he found us to tell us about you, I can not explain it. But any way, thank to goodness you are all right and anything happened to you. We were afraid.”
In the morning everybody was asking each other about the man who “saved” us. Anybody knew him.  My mother and my aunts conformed to the theory about that was an old friend that no one could remember. My brother opted for not thinking about it. I think it was god who was taking care of us. 

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